Book Discussion "Thiaoouba Prophecy" by Michel Desmarquet

Mikey Discussion started by Mikey 2 months ago
Hi All!
Angel suggested that I'd share the following info with this group.

Honestly I was a bit reluctant, because the subject is "out there" (like literally.)

But here it goes.

A little while ago the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy (Abduction to the 9th planet)" from Michel Desmarquet came onto my path.

The reason why this book could be of interest for this group is because the author writes about his trip to a planet of hermaphrodites.

It is not a fictitious story, nor an erotic one.

If U wish to know a bit more about the book, U can see an introduction video on YT:

Via the following link U can download the English version of the book:

In this version I've included the pictures from the introduction video.

The Russian version U can download via this link:

This version also has the pictures, plus some additional photos at the end.

In case U have read the book, I would love to discuss it with U.

Enjoy! 😊

Light, Joy & Love,

Angel Thanks Mikey! This information will be of interest to members and visitors of our group! 2 months ago